My Top 3 Messenger Chatbots

Chatbots start appearing everywhere. And with good reason too! They're quick, easy to acces and relatively cheap to build when compared to say an android or iphone app. I personally like them because I find it a much more pleasurable experience. There's a (kind of) conversation going on. It might not be for everyone but you'll find out after trying my top 3.

My personal top 3

  1. Poncho

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Poncho is a cat that tells you the weather. Well NOT REALLY a cat of course. A digital pet that you don't have to feed and talks about the weather in cryptical and less cryptical ways.

You can sign up by giving him the name of your city and after that you choose morning updates and/or evening updates. I was pleasantly surprised that it also told me if it would be a good time to go running the next day. He also makes kind of funny jokes and uses gifs.

You can talk to him about other stuff too. Don't expect too much though. It's just a cat after all! 😉

  1. Jarvis

He won't help you fly in your Iron Man suit. What he will do is help you remember stuff. Just tell him to remind you to do, say or whatever something at a certain hour or day and he will. A fun way to never miss something important.

  1. Spacebot

Facebook Messenger Spacebot

Space is crazy. Crazy Beautiful. This chatbot is not much of a conversationalist but hey. A picture says more than a thousand stars. Or the like. You get a new picture of space every day with a backstory.

A funny story

In my quest to find my top three I was once chatting with a, what I thought, chatbot. I started asking the same question multiple times in a short period of time. Why not? It's a bot and I want to test if it has different answers ready to have some variation in the conversation. It was only after the bot didn't respond to my 5th same question in a row that I tried the "Are you a person?" question.

What happened?

Turns out I was kind of annoying a real person on the other end. OOPS SORRY. So if you're starting your exploration. Be aware that not all "chatbots" are computers.

Did you like this post? Let me know if you did or didn't. I'm open for suggestions!


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